Looking to raise capital?

We're always looking for opportunities in the healthcare space.

We have a number of criteria that we assess opportunities based on, but the primary thing that we’re after is being able to meet with an innovator, or an entrepreneur, or a technology owner.

We’re looking for them to be able to clearly articulate the problem they’re seeking to solve, help us to understand the way that they’re going to solve the problem, and be able to provide us with scientific evidence that proves that their solution actually will solve the problem.

Beyond those factors, there are many, many elements that go into our assessment of the opportunity and whether we do it or not, and the level of risk we’re willing to accept.

Those are the main things that we need to have present in order for us to consider the opportunity.

If you have an investment opportunity that you would like for us to consider, please complete the information below and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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