cultivate(MD) Portfolio Company NSite Medical Announces FDA Clearance

Grand Rapids, Mich., December 11, 2023 – cultivate(MD), a leader in medical device venture capital, is thrilled to announce that one of its portfolio companies, NSite Medical, has received FDA clearance for its groundbreaking AI-based scoliosis scanning application. This marks a significant milestone in advancing medical technology and offering new, innovative solutions for scoliosis management.

NSite Medical’s AI-based application represents a significant leap forward in scoliosis detection and management. The app utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze spinal curvature with high precision, facilitating early diagnosis and more effective treatment strategies for patients with scoliosis. This clearance from the FDA underscores the app’s efficacy and safety, setting a new standard in spinal health care.

The clearance of this app is not just a technological triumph but also a beacon of hope for the many children and adults suffering from scoliosis. 

Rob Ball, a member of NSite’s Board of Directors said, “Through Dr. Michael Gardner’s leadership, and partnering with key technology providers, including ProVoyance (previously GSI), NSite has been successful in delivering a very important technology to market which can transform scoliosis care.”

In the development of this revolutionary scoliosis scanning application, ProVoyance, another portfolio company of cultivate(MD), played a pivotal role. ProVoyance’s expertise in medical software development was pivotal not only in advancing the application’s market introduction but also in securing its FDA clearance.

Managing Director of cultivate(MD), R. Sean Churchill, MD, MBA shared, “This FDA clearance is a great accomplishment and we couldn’t be more excited for the new opportunities this represents for patients. The successful collaboration between NSite Medical and ProVoyance in developing this scoliosis scanning application is a prime example of how synergistic partnerships can drive innovation in healthcare technology.” 

This achievement is a testament to cultivate(MD)’s commitment to fostering innovation in healthcare. As a venture capital firm dedicated to healthcare, cultivate(MD) has been instrumental in nurturing and scaling NSite Medical’s vision from an idea to a market-ready product that can profoundly impact lives.

About cultivate(MD)

cultivate(MD) is a medical device venture capital firm dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation. With a keen focus on cutting-edge medical technologies, cultivate(MD) supports companies that show the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and patient care.

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About NSite Medical

NSite Medical is a healthcare technology company that was created to improve patient care and experience for those with Scoliosis. 

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